Oct 4

TIPS By Aspire ABA Center Europe

The Dutch education system is structured much differently than other countries (watch explanation video here), so many expat families struggle to find the right services for their child. In the Netherlands, parents have a choice of enrolling their child in an English curriculum based International School, or mainstreaming into primary, Dutch taught schools.

For expat families, international schools are often the best choice and can provide your child exposure to appropriate social interactions in addition to a range of disability services. There are also several schools and organizations specifically for children with special needs (read more here).

While each international school may provide differing amounts of services, they all aim to include:

  • A teacher with educational background in Special Education
  • Exposure to one on one assistance from classroom aids
  • Counseling services
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Speech and language services
  • Classroom and learning modifications
  • Afterschool remedial teaching/tutoring services

In addition to this availability of services, evidence has shown that children who are receiving applied behavior analysis based interventions have a more significant growth in development. While some international schools may provide one on one interventions using ABA techniques (such as reinforcement procedures and visual schedules), the addition of professionally trained ABA therapists in the classroom would greatly impact a student’s growth. Using an individualized behavior plan, ABA therapists work together with all services currently available to the student in order to maximize teaching in areas of communication, behavior, academic, and functional skills.


Interested in receiving professional, customized ABA services for your family in the home, after-school program or at school in the Netherlands or Spain? Our BCBA and staff will help with behavior challenges, developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Disorders, ADHD or related disorders. Contact Aspire- ABA Center Europe (ACE) at info@abacenter.nl or visit: abacenter.nl


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