Insurance Coverage

How does it work?

ABA services can be paid through the “Persoonsgebonden Budget (PGB)” or  the “Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten (AWBZ)”. The costs differ, depending on the intensity, location and the experience of the ABA therapists.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for coverage.

For insurance coverage: Every insurance plan is different, and so are the costs. The cost of insurance is not just on the front end when you pay your premium, but also on the back end through co-payments and deductibles.

Some plans will authorize treatment, but require the family to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement from the insurance company after the fact. Reports and documentation of services are distributed on an individualized basis to meet the insurance company’s reimbursement schedule.
Private pay is also a good choice when parents feel their child requires greater services than those authorized by their insurance plan.

As you embark on the journey through insurance-funded services, be sure to review all of your anticipated costs and develop a budget.Our insurance specialistwould be happy to help you determine what services you qualify for under your insurance plan.
Below is a copy of our insurance information form, that you can fill out and submit if you like to start the process to enroll your child.


Scan or picture of the insurance card FRONT & BACK: