International ABA Consultation Services

Throughout the world Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used. There are centers in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, SaudieArabie, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Canada etc.
A lot of centers have a shortage in specialized staff and need more knowledge to maximize the ABA tools. Also a lot of families, including expats, are dealing with the challenges of a child with Autism (ASS) and are in need help.

How can ASPIRE-ABA Center Europe maximise your child’s potential?

ASPIRE is specialized is providing the following consultation services, on location or virtually:

  • Setting up In-Home ABA services and Center based ABA services in remote or urban areas
  • Brief Parent Training: For families who do not have funding for ongoing behavior sessions, or who need a brief boost for ABA
  • Ongoing parent Training: For families (expats) and remote areas 
  • Companies: Using ABA to maximize their staff’s capacity and skills
  • Training: Using our developed Registered Behavior Training to enhance ABA skills
  • BCBAs or BCBA candidates: supervision but also consultation services