1-1 in School

Upon the school and parent/caregiver’s request, Aspire-ABA Center Europe can start a 1-1 Behavior Technician in the classroom at your child’s school.

First a brief assessment will be conducted by the BCBA, and a treatment plan will be developed. The 1-1 Behavior Technician is trained in ABA, and will follow the treatment plan, while the teacher is following his/her lesson plan. A variety of behaviors can be targeted during school time. Examples are:

  • Decreasing tantrums
  • Decreasing aggressive behaviors
  • Decreasing disruptive behaviors in the class: making sounds, walking away etc
  • Increasing social skills: interactions, initiation
  • Increasing focus and task completion
  • Following instructions
  • Staying seated
  • Sensory input
  • Comprehension of tasks
  • Play skills
  • Self-help skills: toileting, drinking, eating etc.

The amount of hours the 1-1 Behavior Technician is in the classroom depends on the IEP and the assessment authorization. It can vary from 3 hours per day, to all school hours. The 1-1 Behavior Technician can work in special schools but also in regular schools. The goals are to help the child mainstream, function in the classroom as independent and successful as possible.